Happy Fun Year

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It is the eve of the New Year. Tonight the clock will strike 12 and bring with it a fresh new time zone that none of us have experienced before. It will be 2014. It will be the year of FUN.

Ok – so we can’t predict exactly what this new year will bring, but we do hope that it will bring with it many fun times for all of you.  So we wanted to remind you all to strike a toast at midnight to a Happy Fun Year! Make it a good one. We look forward to hearing all about the fun you are having in January.


As a note, when the 1st of January comes you just need to get started with your Fun A Day project. If you have already registered – great! If you are a little late registering – no problem, just let us now by Monday 6th January at the latest so we can make sure there is space for you in our exhibition.

How you choose to complete or record your Fun A Day project is up to you. You definitely don’t need to upload it online anywhere everyday, but we welcome anyone that wants to upload their work online (in a blog/Tumblr/Flickr/Instagram/Twitter),  to let us know and share it with us using the #FunaDay #Dundee hashtags. We have created a Fun a Day Flickr group here.

Previous Fun Makers have found that uploading something everyday has helped them keep track and see how their project is progressing. However, this will depend on what your project is. For example, someone else recently asked about how to record a potential knitting project and we suggested that if it was a scarf – the recording method could be as simple as measuring how much they knitted each day. Then they could lay it out at the exhibition next to a measuring tape marked with each day’s measured amount. Simple!

We would also love to hear from you at some point in the month and would like to do some updates about different projects throughout the month. So if you would like your project featured on the blog – just send us an image and bit of text about how your project is progressing.

I hope that helps and just let me know if you have any further questions drop us an email at FunADayDundee@gmail.com, on Twitter or Facebook.
Words & Images © Hazel Saunderson 2013

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