Fun A Day 2013 – Rebecca Shares Her Experience


With just one day left we wanted to share with you another story and example of a piece of work that was completed in 2013 for Fun A Day. This insight from Rebecca, discusses how the most important part was taking part and starting something.


Last year was my first time doing FUN A DAY.  I was in my last year at uni so was very busy and only managed to get about 15 pieces finished but it didn’t seem to matter.  I did what I could and enjoyed it.

I worked on top of old art graduates post cards that I had picked up from past degree shows. I experimented with paint, stitch and various other materials I had lying around.

The work that I produced would not normally have seen its way out of a sketch book, but I felt confident enough showing it in the FUN A DAY exhibition because I knew it wasnt meant to be perfect. Everybody else involved was just trying to find a minute in their day to get a bit of time to make something they enjoyed making. Rebecca.

We are very open to the type of submissions for the Fun A Day 2014 exhibition and for us the most important thing is that you choose to do something that you enjoy everyday. We are really looking forward to seeing your work.

You definitely don’t need to upload it online anywhere everyday, but we welcome anyone that wants to upload their work in their blog/Flickr/Instagram/Twitter to let us know and share it with us using the #funaday  #Dundee hashtags.

Or drop us an email at and we will share it here on the blog and on our social networks.

Eventbrite - Fun A Day Dundee 2014

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