Who’s ready to party?

January is nearly over, and on one-night only, Friday February 8 from 6-9, we will be celebrating at the Roseangle Cafe Arts. Are you excited?


This year we have twice as many people exhibiting and a range of events for the evening. I highly recommend you come down and enjoy the fruits of all the participants work (fun).


Gerry O’Brien’s Day 14 (above)


Sarah Gitten’s Man with candle (above)

That same evening there is an opening at the DCA of Season’s and Sacraments by Jutta Koether, including a meet the artist event at 6:30. A link to the DCA event pages can be found here and here. I think the night, with multiple events, will be a chance to experience how vibrant the Dundee art scene is – so come show your stuff, party, dance, and have fun – the 2 venues are an easy stroll from one another along the Perth Road.

“Fun A Day is back to launch your 2013 with a free and ultra creative bang!” Gillian, Creative Dundee.

Fun-A-Day seeks to remove the barriers to creativity by offering opportunities and invitations for participation. Come out and see what people in and around Dundee have been up to this January. Perhaps the mood will inspire you. We will have some refreshments, but you are more than welcome to bring something to share.

We are joining up with the DCA for a raging after party at the new venue Redd, on Sessions Street from 9pm-2am, which also has free entry.


Sandra Ireland’s Day 1 (above)


Tara Chaloner’s Day 22 (above)


Morgan Cahn’s (Group)Day 28 (above)

See you on February 8th!

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