Participants and Projects a’Plenty!

Hey all, I am so excited for the exhibition on Friday February 8th at Roseangle Arts Cafe from 6-9.

There are many people signed up – here are the people I have confirmed. Keep up the good work!

Abigail B: portrait photography
Rosie B: stitched faces
Jonathan B: 750 words written daily
Morgan C: specimen and small drawings
Tara C: MS Paint drawings
Jaime C: photos
Becca C: books
Jen C: drawings of girls pulling shapes
Natasha D: ?
Liam D: new heads and old names
Xander D: ?
Sarah G: Drawings along a scroll
Flo G: Make-up
Tanya H: drawn portraits
Sandra I: Scrapbook Journal
Gabriele J: ?
Holly K: art as life/life as art – prioritising
Theresa L: walking drawings
Ewan M: 31 papers: working drawings/proposals
Paul M: low-res scribbly paintings
Kirsty M: ?
Mai M: ?
Hannah M: ?
Gerry O: drawings
Nicola P: postcards
Ann-Marie P: stickers and snowflakes
Mary Beth Q: Owls
Matthew R: paintings
Katie R: french themed
Beth S: scores
Hazel S: cut out words from paper
Kiera S: photos of daily journeys
Tom W: drawings for a mural
Alistair W: Photography
Lada W: ?
Anonymous: personal dating ads

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